Who says that nobody reads leaflets pushed through the door?
Usually it is badly informed people with little or no knowledge of how to make it work. With a turnover approaching £200 million for the eight billion items delivered directly to the target market through letterboxes, only TV surpasses it for advertising spend.

A brilliant way to reach your target market - Door Drop marketing is recognised as one of the most potent, penetrating and flexible direct response advertising methods.

Doormat Impact - The ability of the door drop to create Doormat Impact and place the client's promotion in the hands of his potential customers in their own homes is the distinctive feature that sets it apart from other forms of media.

Flexibility - As long as an item can fit through a letterbox, there is no limit to the creative potential for the clients' leaflet, sample or brochure - and even if it can't fit through the letterbox, City Distributors have an answer for that too, using a variety of techniques to ensure that the target receives the promotional material.

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