City Distributors has worked with many prestigious companies over the years. We currently have over 200 clients in both the public and private sectors. The following are some of the companies that use, or have used, City Distributor’s services. - A unique website which enables users to sell their properties privately online. Brand awareness up by 21%; one mailshot averages 30 new registered users.

Bukhara Samlesbury - A popular indian restaurant recently established. 48% increase in online bookings.

Molbile Magnet – An established European based trading company specializing in the telecommunication sectors. Gained 10.8% market share – 190% sales uplift.

Primero Ltd - One of UK's premier bedroom and kitchen specialists. Brand awareness up by 41%; online enquiries increased by 30 fold.

Paradise Takeaway - Telephone orders increased by 35%. Gained approximately 300 new customer.


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